Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Losing Pregnancy Weight

Losing Pregnancy Weight - The Scale Factor

We all want to see the fruits of our labors of losing pregnancy weight but we can also be slaves to the scale and this can put us on the slippery slope of despair to give up our quest. You can stay focused and not freak-out if you aren't getting the results you expect to lose your tummy with the sound advice of Holly Rigsby, PCT, who just tells it like it is:

"How do You measure results? Use the bathroom scale? Once, twice, five times a day -holding your breath and tightly closing your eyes each time you step on, hoping and praying that darn number will go down!? Well, did you know it is best - when you begin a fat loss program - to avoid the scale? Scales only tell the TOTAL of your body's mass, lean and fat.

The scale cannot separate the muscles, bones, blood and organs from fat. The separation of lean mass and fat mass is called body composition: (the ratio determines your body fat percentage). This form of measurement offers more accurate information that relates to what you REALLY want to achieve - so if you are able to -get your body fat tested. Focusing on this number can cause problems because you have no way of knowing how much of that number is fat and how much is the rest of you.

The best way to judge your success and measure your Results IS to pay attention to your energy levels and the way your clothes fit. If you think about it, your clothes are the first indicator of weight gain, so look to the same source for progress.

I typically do not weight my clients until the 4th -6th week. Then that number is used along with body fat and inches AND an evaluation of mood, energy levels, strength, health determine progress.

Yes your weight can fluctuate if you sneak a peek before then - my weight is up by 5 pounds by the end of the day. And it should be because I have been eating and drinking water all day long. As long as your clothing fits and you feel great - you are on track."

Losing Pregnancy Weight