Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Losing Pregnancy Weight

Losing Pregnancy Weight - 3 Ways to Spike Up your Fat Loss

Hello Ladies,
Once again we have advice from the fitness Mom, Holly Rigsby, CPT, on how to keep up your fat loss momentum for losing your pregnancy weight:

Trying to figure out what else you can do to your workout plan to achieve visible results? A VERY common question for many women who begin their fat loss plan. Take a look:


I have always had this little voice in the back of my head that says because I have so much weight to lose I need to be doing more....or something, maybe this is a great plan for someone with just 20 pounds to lose....or someone who just needs to firm up. Given my 90 pounds of extra you recommend I do anything different? More cardio? Less cardio? More weights? Different exercises?"

My response:

Great question and a quick response is - no, more is not better....yes, the 9minutes of Fit Yummy Mummy workouts a week are all you need. Here are my Top 3 Strategies to Accelerate your Results:

1. Be consistent

2. Fine tune your nutrition plan

3. Be active every day

There are no short cuts around sure and steady results other than consistency. If you apply yourself and follow the strategies, with consistency, you will see results. Fat loss is a process. Take each day as an opportunity to do a little better than the day before and you will create a string of days and weeks that catapult you to visible, body shaping results.

If there is ever anything MORE you could be is the effort you put in to your nutrition plan. this is where the fastest results will come from - not from the workouts themselves....since eating is what you have to do several times a day and well your workout only needs 90 minutes of your 168 hour week.

Finally, on the days you are not working out, make an effort to continue to stay active. You are not only burning fat and calorieswhen you workout, but after the fact as well. Keep your metabolism humming by making an effort to get up and move every hour. Also take note of how you spend your free time. Instead of watching TV, get outside or a walk or play a game of kickball with the kids.

Stay focused on the changes you can measure....

~ Increased Energy
~ Improved Mood
~ Increased Strength
~ Decreased Stress

These are signs of TRUE and Lasting changes. You have been documenting these changes which means you have made amazing progress and you are well on your way to visible results. The hardest part is being patient with the process and continuing to make progress each and every day. I believe in you and know you can do this!"

Your Friend and Coach,

Holly Rigsby,

Losing Pregnancy Weight