Friday, June 6, 2008

Losing Pregnancy Weight

Losing Pregnancy Weight - Fat Loss in the Summer

Here are some more great tips from Holly Rigsby about losing pregnancy weight.

Ready for a cool, high speed fat loss activity you can do at home?

We are all familiar with the benefits of Interval training. There are a variety of formats you can choose from when it comes to intervals. Most recently I shared the concept of Tabatas, a very challenging and intense 4 minute interval session.

Next I'd like to introduce you to Sprints!

Sprints are another super energizing and effective form of intervals. - Running at a higher speed than normal for a designated time or distance - After each sprint, resting long enough to catch your breath before the next one.

Sprint the Fat Off!

Adding sprints to your cardio routine not only adds variety and spices up your workout routine, but sprints are very effective in fat burning as you work intensely in each short burst, burning a far greater number of calories, elevating your metabolism for the next 24 hours AND sprints are excellent for developing your lower body muscles....including helping to shape a great butt and thighs.

FYI: Running with intensity means exercising just a little bit harder than usual. Using the perceived rate of exertion, on a scale of 1-10, you will run at an intensity of 7-9 depending on your fitness level.

As always, consult your physician before beginning any work out and before adding sprints to your routine.'s summer - way TOO Hot to do Sprints outside....Then let me introduce you to Sprinkler Sprints! Tyler and I decided to pull out the sprinkler yesterday for it was 90 degrees and Gorgeous! We used an Oscillating Sprinkler. Tyler wanted me to play with him - how could I resist! As I set the sprinkler up and watched Tyler run back and forth in time to the oscillating bands of water, I remembered playing a similar game as a child - running as fast as we could through the sprinkler while the band of water was Down.....then I realized that we were simply running sprints!

"Sprinkler Sprints"

The goal was to run as fast as we could to reach the other side before getting "hit" by the band of water, taking a break to wait for the band of water to get down to the other side and running back through it again! The cool thing is the high speed bursts are timed for you as you use watch the back and forth motion of the oscillating sprinkler!

Added Benefits:
You are having a Blast as you Blast Fat, staying cool by running through the sprinkler, laughing throughout the entire activity and creating great summer memories with your children. Just one more tool to make your Summer Fitness plan fun and effective.

Losing Pregnancy Weight